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printed clothing

Chick-a-dees.nl down a large portion of the jobs in our workshop. This allows us to get started quickly and have your workwear quickly delivered. We also works with a number of highly valued partners which can print or embroider your workwear.

Flex printing

Flex-print is a technique in which cut the selected design from a thin film is colored. Subsequently, this under-pressure and high-temperature printed on the industrial clothing. There are many types of Flex-colors, almost every color is available, and there can also be printed on nearly any material. Flex printing is an inexpensive solution when printing of one or a few pieces. Flex film can not stand the dryer and should therefore preferably be ironed inside out and is less suitable for industrial cleaning.


Embroidery is a pretty sustainable way to provide your workwear with a company logo or name. Embroidery is possible from one piece. The price of the embroidery depends on the number of colors, its size and the complexity of the logo.



Screen printing is a good and fairly inexpensive way to print your company logo or name exact PMS color. Screen printing is an option if you want to print multiple copies. This has to do with the cost of the sieve; for each color has to be made a special sieve. Screen printing is washable at 40 degrees and less suitable for industrial cleaning it.



Transfer printing is an interesting technique when it comes to large numbers. The transfers are suitable for all surfaces so it is suitable for nylon and polyester, etc. can be selected for 1, 2, 3 or 4 color printing, full color, all PMS colors like silver and gold. This print is suitable for industrial cleaning.

Together we determine the best use of the print on your work or occupational so that it can, for example, ordinary industrial cleaning without compromising the quality of your company logo.